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Arma Vita

Arma Vita

You will obtain the peaceful home that you are looking for in Arma Vita with the wide living spaces, a location surrounded by green areas and social facilities offering happiness. The comfort will be your indispensable part in Arma Vita where there are 96 apartments with135 m² - 168 m² widths.

This special project consisting of the 3+1 apartment with 4+1 apartment width will make the healthy life and fresh air your neighbour thanks to its location. You and everything you care about will be safe in Arma Vita with security and indoor parking.

Project Details

Project Name: Arma Vita
Project Location: Selçuklu / KONYA
Project Type: Residence - Commercial
Construction Zone: 21350
Block: 3
Apartment: 96
Workplace: 6
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