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Arma Menta

About the Project

The construction of the Kartal Arma Menta project developed with the guarantee of Okkalar Insaat within 1 km distance to the subway in Soganlik, Kartal District has been started in May. There are only 2+1 and 3+1 apartments in Arma Menta Kartal. Arma Menta Kartal developed as a project neighbouring the forest with the management strategy prioritizing the family life is preparing to be a life concept in Soganlik, Kartal District.

There are an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a steam bath, dressing rooms, a pilates area, studios where the sports such as step, aerobic, yoga can be performed, an activity area developed through a winter garden with a fireplace, a kitchen and an indoor playground, a children’s park, walking and running tracks and pergolas in addition to the commercial areas including the concepts to meet the basic needs such as market, pharmacy, hairdresser, dry cleaning, patisserie in Arma Menta Kartal consisting of 2 Blocks and 158 apartments in total.  In the meantime, the transportation to the apartments can be achieved through elevators in the indoor parking areas allocated to each apartment.

In the Arma Menta Kartal housing project, many opportunities from the security system to be monitored in a 24/7 period via the closed-circuit camera system (CCTV) to the service waiting area are offered.

In the Kartal Arma Menta project, there are different floor plan options from 82m² to 136m². The indoors of the Arma Menta Kartal project will be decorated using the first-class quality materials and the delivery will be made in June in 2019.

Project Details

Project Name: Arma Menta
Project Location: Kartal / İstanbul
Project Type: Residence + Commercial
Construction Zone: 21.475 m²
Block: 2 Blocks
Apartment: 158 Apartments
Workplace: 9 Workplaces
Website: www.armamenta.com.tr
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