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Arma Cadde

About the Project

Our project located in Yesilbahar Street, Goztepe Neighborhood, Kadikoy that is the alluring centre of Istanbul has been built on 717 m² area and has 2.795 m² construction site in total.

The ones allocating their places in Our Arma Cadde project located within 2 minutes distance to Bagdat Street enjoy both the street and the investment. It is time to get the comfort of living in a house where you can go to the shopping malls and places that you dote upon in your social life just by walking, in addition to the vital needs that are indispensable for you such as the Health centres, education institutions, means of transport in Istanbul.

We have 24 apartments with 2 + 1 rooms and 150m2 area in a single block with 12 floors in our project where you can enjoy warm neighbourhood relations.

The indoor and outdoor parking is available.

Project Details

Project Name: Arma Cadde
Project Location: Arma Cadde
Project Type: Residence
Construction Zone: 2.795 m2
Block: -
Apartment: 24 Apartments
Workplace: -
Website: -
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