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Social Facilities

A construction company caring about you as much as your loved ones do.

A Trusting Life

A trusting life together with your loved ones.


You have all the facilities of the modern life at your hand.


The projects making the city "A centre" in the changing and developing regions.

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The address for safe investment.

Functional Architecture

The living spaces where you will enjoy from every square meter of them together with your loved ones.

Green areas with


football fields size

A huge family with




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Building a goal with
a common future.

Constructing the projects with high living standards, Okkalar Insaat pays attention to many dynamics. In this regard, Okkalar Insaat keeps all of its projects and customer satisfaction at the highest level and completes all the details by evaluating them with the professional solutions. While determining the project areas and standards, Okkalar Insaat meeting the minimum needs at the highest level makes no concessions on quality. Okkalar Insaat being aware of the necessity of protecting the environment for the integration of nature and living spaces cares about green in its all projects. Okkalar family defending the idea that the quality is to form a whole completely has been constructing the breathing projects by evaluating the environment and quality together.

Quality Policy

We are making your living spaces complete by using the first class products.

Service Policy

We care about customer relationships through the supports before and after sales and offers the most profitable investment for you.

Environmental Policy

We have been constructing the nature-friendly and breathing projects by the landscape areas efficiently.